2013 Toronto Blue Jays June Visual Recap

Sorry I'm late, guys and gals. Been busy with some IRL stuff. So, anyway, that was one hell of a month, am I right? 11-game winning streak, Munenori Kawasaki hitting his first big league home run, Munenori Kawasaki almost hitting his second a day later, Munenori Kawasaki being Munenori Kawasaki, and the win streak to bring the Jays back to ~.500. Jays were one of the hottest teams in the month of June, in the top three in baseball with Pittsburgh and Miami... oh. Anyway, it's amazing what can go down in a month and without further ado, here is the visual recap of this wonderful month:




Btw, apologies for not including EE holding his parrot or Lind doing a rare thing in hitting lefties.

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