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Tuesday BBB Links: Thorough Shellacking Edition

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Today's links include how the umpires are treating the Jays, all of yesterday's trading activity and a Star Wars set that could be in serious trouble.

This man is a monster.
This man is a monster.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Just another typical game where the Jays fall way behind early and are never really in it. Yawn.


Toronto Blue Jays at Oakland Athletics - July 29, 2013 | TOR Recap
3 homers does not a win make.

Are Jays getting screwed by umps? Yes and no -

"The Jays have had their share of run-ins with umps of late and a study of the strike zone over recent seasons conducted by and Bloomberg Sports shows there's been reason to be upset."

Stoeten Answers Griffin’s Mail Bag – 07/29/13 | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
I think you all know how this one works by now

Blue Jays’ Rajai Davis unworried about running for a rival | National Post
" His manager says Rajai Davis is unstoppable on the base paths. Rival clubs probably have noticed too"

MLB: Blue Jays’ grays are worst performing uniforms in baseball | Toronto Star
The Star is slow on the uptake.

Edwin Encarnacion Is Not Your Typical Slugger | FanGraphs Baseball
Blake gives an account of the no-K, all Dingers type hitter Encarnacion has become for Fangraphs.


Orioles trade rumors: Dylan Bundy said to be available, but he probably isn't - Camden Chat
'Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports that the Orioles are "willing to move" Dylan Bundy for "the right return" at the MLB trade deadline. Is he really going to go anywhere? Probably not.'

Confessions of an A-Rod sympathizer - Pinstriped Bible
"If Alex Rodriguez is history's greatest monster, then I can't be too far behind"

CC Sabathia, Justin Verlander, and the ever-vanishing fastball -
"Are Sabathia and Verlander breaking, or has access to information just clouded our judgment?"

Rays Land Jesse Crain for Something | FanGraphs Baseball
The Rays aren't normally ones to pay for bullpen talent, but boy did they need some. Good pick up

Orioles GIFs of the Week - Camden Chat
"Another week. Games were played. GIFs were made. Some of the GIFs were of the Orioles."


MLB Trade Deadline: Are the Phillies being stubborn with Cliff Lee? - Baseball Nation
"The Phillies are asking for a lot for the veteran left-hander. Are they asking for too much?"

Stock Watch: Pence boosts OF deadline market; Peavy price rises -
"With the Giants in full sell mode, Jon Heyman says 2012 deadline pickup Hunter Pence is a find in a thin OF market. Meanwhile many suitors see starter Jake Peavy's price rise."

Tigers Acquire Jose Veras | FanGraphs Baseball
Thought they would have been a nice landing spot for Casey...

Rangers Think About Buying While Selling | FanGraphs Baseball
Interesting/excellent idea on the Rangers' part.

Braves Acquire Scott Downs For Basically Nothing | FanGraphs Baseball
Hey! Cory Rasmus ain't nothing. He's a Rasmus boy.


Dune May Doom "Star Wars" Set
"Scientists say a fast-moving sand dune will soon bury a set built for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in the Tunisian desert." Noooooooo