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Tuesday BBB Links: Weathering the Storm Edition

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No baseball but quite the eventful day yesterday. If the entire city shutting down is your idea of eventful. Today's links include AA's trading history, the inevitable Ricky Nolasco trade and some intense antarctic fish.

On a day where no baseball was played, why not a picture of a dog?
On a day where no baseball was played, why not a picture of a dog?
Tom Szczerbowski

Hopefully everyone made it home safe yesterday, that was really something. Here are your morning links as the city returns to sanity.


Alex Anthopoulos’s Trade History: Hits & Misses
Excellent piece by Mop-Up Duty on AA's trade record

Jays Draft Strategy Revealing Itself | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want Rowdy Tellez for his name alone.

Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians series preview | Toronto Star

"The Blue Jays travel to Cleveland for a three-game series against Terry Francona and the Indians."

Baseball Prospectus | BP Unfiltered: Analyzing Rogers Centre's Roof

"Does Rogers Centre's retractable roof have a significant impact on scoring?"

Ferguson: Jays' 2B situation much like it was before Alomar

Don't think that Jose Altuve is going to be an option.

This week in Jays merch: The JAYS WIN! shirt and more | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |

I want the Colby Two Wolf Moon shirt, badly.


Manny Machado leads youth brigade headed for All-Star Game - MLB - Joe Lemire -
The snub that we need to be talking about: Munenori Kawasaki

Ben Zobrist, All Star Again - DRaysBay
"Zorilla was the only Rays player named to the All Star Game roster by manager Jim Leyland this weekend."

Can Chris Davis break Roger Maris' AL home run record? -
"Not only is Chris Davis having a great season, but he has a chance at breaking a record that's much older than he is."

MLB Trade Deadline: Red Sox will spend what's needed at the deadline. Probably. - Over the Monster
"According to John Henry, money won't be an issue for the Red Sox come the deadline. But is it for the right reasons?"

Yankees rumors: Rosenthal confirms interest in Justin Ruggiano - Pinstriped Bible
Ahahahahaha I hope so

2013 MLB All Star Game: Baltimore Oriole Chris Davis selected for the Home Run Derby - Camden Chat
"The major league leader in home runs, Chris Davis was a no brainer pick for A.L. captain Robinson Cano."


The Best Non-All-Star Seasons of the Past 50 Years | FanGraphs Baseball
What were the fans thinking in 2004?

In big switch, Cubs considering signing Garza long-term -
Sounds like posturing to this guy

Miami Trades Ricky Nolasco for Warm Bodies | FanGraphs Baseball
It's about time this happened.

2013 All-Collapse All-Stars

"A look at the guys who have gotten the oldest, the quickest this year."


BBC News - Antarctic Lake Vostok 'might have fish'
"There could be some complex animals, perhaps even fish, living in the deeply buried Antarctic Lake Vostok, a new study suggests."