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Blue Jays announce signing 8th and 9th round draft picks: Kendall Graveman and Chad Girodo

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Tom Szczerbowski

The Blue Jays have signed their 8th round pick, RHP Kendall Graveman and LHP Chad Girodo. Both were drafted out of Mississippi State. The Jays don't announce signing bonus amounts but It was way under slot.

Officially, of the their top 20 draft picks, the only ones left unsigned are:

  • #1 Philip Bickford. The Jays have been saving up lots cap space, so they can offer Bickford well over slot.
  • #6 Matt Boyd. On Sunday, Jim Callis of Baseball America said he signed for $75,000. The Jays are always slow to make these announcements.
  • #11 Jacob Brentz. They will have to go way over slot to sign Brentz.
  • #17 Eric Lauer. Same as above.

It looks like they have made all the easy signings. They have until the 12th to negotiate with the players that are left. I'd imagine the negotiations with Bickford will go down to near the deadline.