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Tuesday BBB Links: Midday Madness Edition

Another day, another loss that rocks the foundation of my sanity. Today's links include restoring the proud "Skydome" name, the success of the Dodgers and what to do with all those goats you have lying around the house.

Shouldn't have let these guys in.
Shouldn't have let these guys in.
Tom Szczerbowski

J.A. Happ was really good yesterday. Everything else is a quagmire of pain.


Blue Jays lose 5-1 to Oakland A’s despite strong outing from J.A. Happ | Toronto Star
"Happ gave up one run on just three hits over seven innings but the Jays couldn’t come up with the win."

Q&A: Daniel Norris, Blue Jays Pitching Prospect | FanGraphs Baseball
In case you've been wondering what's on Daniel's mind lately

Campaign aims to restore 'SkyDome' to Blue Jays home
"A social media campaign is seeking to revive a stadium name that was synonymous with the Toronto Blue Jays World Series winning years." Count me in

Stoeten Answers Griffin’s Mail Bag – 08/12/13 | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |

Same old, same old. In a good way.

Batter's Box Interactive Magazine - Stroman is merely Human

The kid is good but the HR against are unnerving. Enough of that around here.


Nick Markakis’ Stunted Power | FanGraphs Baseball
Proof that not everything can go right for the Orioles.

Jose Dariel Abreu defects, should the Red Sox be interested? - Over the Monster
Based on what one hears one hopes not.

Mariano Rivera’s Week of New Things | FanGraphs Baseball
AKA Miguel Cabrera happened

A-Rod is still kind of a dork -
"Alex Rodriguez has bigger problems than not knowing how to celebrate walk-off. But he does have some problems celebrating this walk-off."

Rays Acquire Wesley Wright - DRaysBay
"The Rays acquired another reliever this season, claiming southpaw Wesley Wright off waivers."


Signing Mike Trout long-term will be troublesome for the Los Angeles Angels - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
"Signing Mike Trout long-term will be troublesome for the Los Angeles Angels, Ken Rosenthal writes." If you're his agent what do you even file for in arbitration?

Scorching-hot Dodgers equal best stretch of wild-card era with eye on more | The Strike Zone -

The decline of smallball and its impact on the game - MLB - Joe Lemire -
Goood gooood.

The Unsung Heroes of the Dodgers Crazy Run | FanGraphs Baseball
This team would be nuts if they could get Kemp healthy and effective.

Mike Trout supports 'one strike you're out' policy for PED users -
"Angels phenom Mike Trout is the latest player to come out in support for harsher penalties against those who test positive for PED use." Worst soundbite ever if Trout were to wind up getting caught with PED's at some point.


The Kids Are Alright: Goats That Double as Lawnmowers
"Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., recently rented 58 goats to eat invasive plant species."