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Blue Jays Injury News: Johnson, Rasmus

Josh Johnson.
Josh Johnson.

So the season from hell keeps getting worse.

Josh Johnson is going to have a MRI on his 'right forearm' either later tonight or tomorrow. He's been put on the DL. It's mid-August now, so odds of seeing him back on the mound this season are pretty slim. I'm not sure what this will do to his chances of getting a contract with the Blue Jays. I figure it is Crappy Arm Disease. CAD strikes one in two Blue Jay pitchers. Thad Weber has been pulled from his start in Buffalo. He or Esmil Rogers will get tomorrow's start.

And Colby Rasmus is hurting, he won't be playing tonight, and, unless he's feeling a lot better quickly, he's likely to go on the DL in the next couple of days. Apparently it is an oblique injury. We might be seeing Anthony Gose very soon.

And Juan Perez isn't going for surgery, at least just yet, he's going to try rehabbing. His is a partial tear.

Just put a bullet into this season already.