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The Blue Jay roster moves never end: Kawasaki recalled

He's back
He's back
J. Meric

So a busy day for those of us following Blue Jay roster moves. The latest: Munenori Kawasaki is being recalled from Buffalo and Colby Rasmus is going on the DL.

So lots more bowing. Kawasaki hit .213 with a .319 OBP in 70 games for the Jays earlier in the season. He also led the league in fan pleasing moments. I'm glad to see him coming back. He was hitting .260 with a .400 OBP in 25 games with the Bisons.

Too bad about Colby, but we knew it was going to happen.

Hopefully, Munenori and Kevin Pillar will add a bit of life to a pretty lifeless Jays team, or at least that's the story line we are going to go with. The good part is, it can't possibly get worse than it has been in the last couple of weeks. The Jays at least could have a little fun out there.