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8/13 - Blue Jays MiLB Recap: Burns' hot streak continues, McCoy takes to the mound...AGAIN!

Andy Burns continues his streak of good games, Nolin had some struggles in New Hampshire, Buffalo lost by a lot and Mike McCoy took to the mound...AGAIN!

Stilson has put together quite the year in Buffalo, can't wait to (hopefully) see him in September!
Stilson has put together quite the year in Buffalo, can't wait to (hopefully) see him in September!

The Blue Jays organization played nine games yesterday in minor league action and Blue Jays affiliate teams won four of them. Buffalo played one game, New Hampshire played two, Dunedin played two, Vancouver played one, the GCL Jays played one and the DSL Jays also played one. Both of Bluefield's scheduled games were postponed due to rain. So without further ado, lets take a look at the highlights and low-lights.

Buffalo Bisons (64-60)

The Buffalo Bisons squared off against the Syracuse Chiefs in International League action yesterday, they lost by a final score of 13-4 as the Chiefs really teed off on Tommy Hottovy and Scott Gracey. The Bisons now sit one game back in the IL Wild Card race behind the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Norfolk Tides who are tied for first.

  • Anthony Gose - 2-5/SB, with this steal it was his 21st on the year, Anthony has had seven consecutive successful steals in his last ten games without being caught.
  • Kevin Pillar - 0-3/BB
  • Luis Jimenez - 1-2/BB
  • Andy LaRoche - 3-4/2 2B/BB
  • Jim Negrych - 2-5
  • Moises Sierra - 1-5/CS/PO, jeez..Sierra seems to be terrible base-runner.
  • Sean Ochinko - 1-4
  • Munenori Kawasaki - 2-3/BB/SB
  • Buddy Carlyle - 2IP/2H/2ER/0BB/2K/1HR
  • Tommy Hottovy - 2IP/7H/5ER/1BB/2K/1HR
  • Scott Gracey - 2IP/4H/3ER/1BB/2K
  • John Stilson - 1.2IP/1H/0ER/0BB/1K
  • Mike McCoy - 1IP/2H/0ER/1BB/0K/1HR

New Hampshire Fisher Cats (57-62)

New Hampshire played a double header against the New Britain Rock Cats yesterday, the Fisher Cats won the first 7 inning game by a final score of 5-4.

  • Kenny Wilson - 2-4/SB
  • Andy Burns - 2-4/2B/HR/2RBI, hitting .300/.349/.600 in his last ten.
  • Adam Loewen - 1-3/HR
  • Brad Glenn - 1-3
  • A.J. Jimenez - 1-3/2B
  • Ryan Schimpf - 1-2/HR/BB
  • Sean Nolin - 7IP/9H/4ER/1BB/4K/2HR

New Hampshire Fisher Cats (57-63)

The Fisher Cats lost the second game in their double header against the Rock Cats by a score of 6-5 as New Britain stormed back late and walked off, they scored three runs in the bottom of the seventh and final inning. With a win and loss today, the Fisher Cats now sit six and a half games out of a playoff spot in the Eastern League Eastern division.

  • Kenny Wilson - 1-4/2B
  • Adam Loewen - 0-1/2BB
  • Gabe Jacobo - 2-3/2HR/5RBI
  • Andy Burns - 1-3
  • Kevin Ahrens - 2-3
  • Tyson Brummett - 4IP/4H/1ER/1BB/4K
  • Randy Boone - 2.1IP/3H/3ER/0BB/2K
  • Alan Farina - 0.1IP/0H/0ER/2BB/1K

Dunedin Blue Jays (57-57)

Dunedin played a double header against the Lakeland Flying Tigers yesterday, the Blue Jays won the first game over the Flying Tigers by a score of 3-1.

  • Shane Opitz - 1-3
  • Mike Crouse - 0-3/3SO
  • K.C. Hobson - 1-3/HR
  • Marcus Knecht - 1-3/SB
  • Matt Newman - 2-2/2B/3B
  • Austin Bibens-Dirkx - 5IP/6H/1ER/2BB/3K
  • Tyler Ybarra - 1IP/1H/0ER/1BB/1K
  • Blake McFarland - 1IP/0H/0ER/0BB/0K

Dunedin Blue Jays (58-57)

The Blue Jays also won the second game of the double header against the Flying Tigers, the second game was a 4-2 final for the Blue Jays on the box score, the Blue Jays really made a great effort late in this game as they scored all of their runs in the sixth inning. The Dunedin Blue Jays now sit second place in the Florida State League Northern division behind the Daytona Cubs.

  • Shane Opitz - 1-3
  • Mike Crouse - 1-2/SB/BB
  • Pierce Rankin - 1-2/BB
  • Casey Lawrence - 3.1IP/4H/2ER/1BB/2K
  • Tony Davis - 1IP/1H/0ER/2BB/4K
  • Dustin Antolin - 2IP/0H/0ER/0BB/3K

Vancouver Canadians (30-27)

The Vancouver Canadians played against the Everett AquaSox yesterday and lost by a final score of 5-3. The Canadians now sit one game back of first place in their division behind the AquaSox and Indians who are both tied for first place.

  • Chaz Frank - 1-3/BB
  • Dickie Thon - 1-1
  • Andy Fermin - 1-3/BB/CS
  • L.B. Dantzler - 1-4/2B
  • Christian Vazquez - 1-4/SB
  • Ian Parmley - 1-4
  • Colton Turner - 4.2IP/8H/5ER/1BB/3K/1HR
  • Alonzo Gonzalez - 3.2IP/2H/0ER/2BB/2K
  • Matt Johnson - 1IP/0H/0ER/0BB/0K

GCL Blue Jays (21-25)

The GCL Blue Jays won their game yesterday by a final score of 6-1 as they faced the GCL Pirates. The most well recognized name in this box score other than maybe Franklin Barreto for the Blue Jays has to be Austin Meadows, who was the designated hitter for the GCL Pirates in this one. Meadows is an outfielder who was rumored to be going to the Blue Jays in this years draft, he went 1-4 in yesterdays game and is hitting .311/.383/.529 on the year with the GCL Pirates. The GCL Blue Jays currently sit two games back of first place in their division in the GCL.

  • Franklin Barreto - 1-4/2B
  • Edwin Fuentes - 1-4
  • Thomas Collins III - 1-3/2B/BB
  • Gabriel Cenas - 0-3/BB
  • Dan Jansen - 0-2/2BB
  • Sean Hurley - 2-4/2B/3RBI
  • Nathan DeSouza - 1-4/2B
  • Chris Rowley - 6IP/4H/0ER/0BB/3K
  • Danny Barnes - 1IP/0H/0ER/0BB/3K
  • Jacob Brentz - 1IP/0H/0ER/1BB/1K
  • Kamakani Usui - 1IP/0H/0ER/0BB/1K

DSL Blue Jays (35-25)

The DSL Blue Jays squared off against the DSL Brewers yesterday in Dominican Summer League action, the Blue Jays would end up losing the game by a score of 3-2 as both teams scored early in the game, but the bats would be quieted down for the remainder of the game. The DSL Blue Jays currently sit five and a half games back of first place in their division, though they are in a playoff spot at the moment are they are second place.

  • Richard Urena - 0-4
  • Ronniel Demorizi - 1-3/BB
  • Javier Hernandez - 1-4
  • Angel Perdomo - 2IP/1ER/4BB/5K
  • Wilfri Aleton - 1IP/0H/1ER/3BB/0K
  • Jhonny Hernandez - 3IP/0H/0ER/0BB/2K
  • Rauly Castillo - 3IP/1H/0ER/0BB/1K