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Blue Jays recall Anthony Gose, send down Mickey Storey

Anthony Gose
Anthony Gose
Jim Rogash

We knew it was going to happen but the Blue Jays have recalled Anthony Gose and sent Mickey Storey back down to Buffalo.

Gose is hitting .240/.314/.337 in Buffalo, with 22 steals and 12 caught stealing. But then of late Gose has picked things up, hitting .283/.328/.450 with 10 steals, 1 caught in 16 August games. I'm not sure I wouldn't have left him there to try to keep the hot streak going, but we really do need another outfielder. And I want to watch Gose in center field. Not that Rajai Davis has looked all that bad in CF, but Gose will be so much better, defensively anyway.

Last year Gose put up a .304/.385/.391 line in 13 games with the Jays. In bits of two seasons he has a .233/.313/.328 line with 15 steals, 3 caught, 20 walks, 64 strikeouts.

Storey, well, he got into one game in this little turn with the Jays. He got the last out in a 5-1 loss to the A's, a strikeout. In total, he's pitched 4 innings with the Jays this year, allowing 6 hits, 3 earned, 1 walk and 6 strikeouts. In Buffalo, he has a 2.79 ERA in 30 games, 13 walks and 62 strikeouts in 51.2 innings. He really does deserve a longer shot with the Jays.

So, the Anthony Gose era starts, again. I hope it goes well.