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Eighteen GIFs of the Blue Jays Committing Errors

All the Blue Jays errors in the second half! Fun! GIF! Action!


For no particular reason, here are all 18 (eighteen!) of the Blue Jays errors from the second half, ordered by date. That is 18 errors in 14 games, with two games of four or more errors. They only have had six games in which zero errors were committed.

Breaking it down, there have been:

  • Three errors by catchers
  • Two error by pitchers
  • Nine errors by infielders
  • Four errors by outfielders
I apologize in advance for what is about to happen or is currently happening to your browser.

Let's begin!

Brett Lawrie - July 19


Jose Reyes - July 19


Brett Lawrie - July 20


That's it for errors from Brett Lawrie. He didn't look good at second base, then was moved back to third where he has been fantastic defensively for the past year and a half.

JP Arencibia - July 22

Five errors were committed this game. Woo.


This was called catcher's interference, and Schumaker was awarded first base. I had not known that catcher's interference was classified as an error previous to this. If it's not clear, you can see Arencibia's glove come off after the bat makes contact on the swing.

Adam Lind - July 22 (1)


Adam Lind - July 22 (2)


Dustin McGowan - July 22


Colby Rasmus - July 22


What a fun game this was!

Edwin Encarnacion - July 24


Colby Rasmus - July 24

On this play, Yasiel Puig scored, tying the game in the 9th inning. The Jays went on to lose 8-3.

Rasmus would hit a walk-off single four days later, prompting everyone to laugh at Jon Morosi.

Josh Thole - July 28


Jose Reyes - July 29


Looks like one could almost argue that the error was committed on the transfer. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that this wouldn't have happened had the Jays been wearing the blue jerseys...

Jose Bautista - July 31

This was the other game of four or more errors. One for Jose Bautista, Two for Maicer Izturis, and one for RA Dickey.


RA Dickey - July 31

I found this one rather hilarious for some reason. Seems to be a nice summary of the Blue Jays' 2013 season thus far. Luckily no one was hurt.


Maicer Izturis - July 31 (1)


Maicer Izturis - July 31 (2)


This one jumped out at me as Izturis seems to be in control for most of the play, up until the error. He casually backs up as if he is settling under the ball, and then just...misses it.

JP Arencibia - August 1


Melky Cabrera - August 1


ha. haha. hahahaha.

Baseball is hard.