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Tuesday BBB Links:Rest For the Wicked Edition

Today's links include Toronto's partnership with Buffalo, a double dose of Jeff Sullivan and the end of the universe.

The flames on Lobaton's forearm are for speed.
The flames on Lobaton's forearm are for speed.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If you enjoy clicking on this and then reading what pops up, this post is for you.


Snapshot of a Matchup: Chris Archer versus Edwin Encarnacion | Getting Blanked | Blogs |

Inbox: What is the rotation's forecast? | News
"Will the Blue Jays' rotation be addressed in the offseason? What are the chances Rajai Davis is back in Toronto next year? Beat reporter Gregor Chisholm tackles those topics and much more in the latest Inbox."

Blue Jays Prospect Round-Up with Doug Davis, Minor League Field Coordinator | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
Surprisingly, he says positive things about Blue Jays prospects.

Buffalo Bisons already reaping rewards of long overdue partnership with Toronto Blue Jays | The Eh Game - Yahoo! Sports Canada
"It seems to be a match made in heaven, one that took years to finally come to fruition. A new logo, new players, and new affiliation have added up to big business for the Buffalo Bisons."

Blue Jays Bullpen: Alex Rodriguez’s head-shaking daily soap opera continues: Griffin | Toronto Star
"In this week’s edition of Richard Griffin’s Bullpen, a conversation with third base coach Brian Butterfield, the hottest hitter in MLB this month is Brett Lawrie and Miguel Tejada’s suspension."


Orioles analysis: OPS by position compared to the rest of the American League, August edition - Camden Chat
"Over the last month, the Orioles have gained or lost exactly no ground in the division. Chris Davis is still the best, and no positions are the worst any longer. How does the rest of the team fare against their positional peers?"

On Player Observations - DRaysBay
A brief guide.

Red Sox calling up top prospect Xander Bogaerts -
"He's only 20 years old, but he just might help the Red Sox finish up 2013."

Chasing Maris: Chris Davis catching up to AL home run record -
"He's not quite on pace for 61, but the last week improved his odds."

Would MLB risk labor peace just to nail A-Rod? -
"Rodriguez's accusers may be bought and paid for, but so are his attorneys. Until the evidence is out, we can't assess who is telling the truth -- but we can assess the risk that Major League Baseball is taking."


David DeJesus traded to Nationals -
"DeJesus will join a Nationals team that has underperformed expectations this season."

Eye On Baseball - Yasiel Puig: 'F___ the media'
"Dodgers phenom Yasiel Puig made his feelings about the press profanely clear on Monday in Miami."

Has Rawlings finally fixed the Gold Gloves? - Baseball Nation
"We'll see what happens this year, and maybe Andrelton Simmons would win even without SABR's help. But you have to think there's a better chance this year of baseball's best fielders actually winning baseball's awards for the best fielding."

Sunday in Umpiring: Four Decisions of Varying Egregiousness | FanGraphs Baseball
Robo Umps please.

Presenting Maybe Baseball’s Very Worst Bunter | FanGraphs Baseball
Emilio Bonifacio gave him a run for his money while he was here.


BBC - Future - Science & Environment - How to predict the end of the universe
"How can we gauge what will happen to the Universe? Cosmologist Renee Hlozek says we can tell its future by viewing light created billions of years ago."