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Thursday BBB Links: Hat Tip to Ichiro Edition

Congratulations go out to Ichiro for his big 4,000 hit milestone but other than that it seemed to be just another loss. Like so many games this season Dickey was brilliant until he wasn't. Today's links include ramblings on the Jays lack of "winning culture", the most devastating pitches in baseball and the best uses for butter.

Seems like a decent chap.
Seems like a decent chap.
Rich Schultz

So, Josh Thole hit a dinger? That's kind of neat isn't it... in all seriousness optimism just isn't on the menu this morning, we're serving exclusively links instead.


Blue Jays’ R.A. Dickey burned by late homer in loss to Yankees | National Post
"R.A. Dickey allowed only two runs through 7 2/3 innings, but the Blue Jays offence behaved as usual, with the usual outcome..."

Davidi: Jays failing to establish winning culture -

GAMEREAX - Animated Sports Gifs and MLB Analysis – Lawrie Embraced The Need For Change
Lawrie is the only thing to be optimistic about right now. Please stay hot Brett.

Farrell Speaks About Toronto’s Vision | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
Shut up Farrell.

Blue Jays' logo featured on 10-acre corn maze -
It's come to this in terms of finding positive news news.


State of the Bullpen - DRaysBay
"Joe Maddon has earned himself plenty of admiration during his time as manager of the Tampa Bay Rays. However, is his management of the bullpen this season really the most efficient?"

Red Sox ace Clay Buchholz expected to begin rehab assignment Sunday - Over the Monster
"It's been too long since he last pitched, but that should hopefully fix itself soon."- is something I would never in a million years say.

Orioles playoff hopes: How do the stars need to align for a second consecutive postseason berth? - Camden Chat
Not enough attention is given to the possibility of the Jays winning out and claiming the spot for themselves in this article...

Watch: Ichiro collects his 4,000th hit | The Strike Zone -
The only Yankee I don't loathe.

Alex Rodriguez tells lawyers to quit talking to press -
"Alex Rodriguez has asked his legal team to keep quiet so that he can go back to helping the Yankees win baseball games." How noble.


Joe Blogs: Judgmental Baseball Stats
Posnanski is always gold. Always.

Scott Miller - Yasiel Puig needs to get a grip before Dodgers lose theirs
When you write for cbssports you shouldn't need to use such blatant click bait. So inevitable.

Matt Moore and Others Likely to Lose Velocity | FanGraphs Baseball
One hopes Moore loses something, I'm sort of tired of the Rays and their endless supply of dominant pitchers.

Clayton Kershaw’s Deception | FanGraphs Baseball
What I would do for a Clayton Kershaw type (not that there is a type, there's kind of only one)

Identifying Baseball’s Most Unhittable Pitches, So Far | FanGraphs Baseball
No Jays? Shocking. EDIT: Somehow I totally missed Aaron Loup being here. I confess to GIF skimming and trusting in Blue Jays pitchers not being effective.


BBC - Future - Health - Should you put butter on a burn?
"Burns seem to have attracted their fair share of folk remedies, but after looking through the evidence Claudia Hammond explains what you should do and why."