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Bluebird Banter Mid-Season Top Prospect Review: 21-30

Chad Jenkins
Chad Jenkins
J. Meric

Here is part 3 of our look at how the players on our top 40 prospects list are doing. The first part covering the top 10 on our list is here and the second part is here. .

21.Danny Barnes: Danny has spent most of the year on the DL, he's just starting to pitch on a rehab assignment in the GCL., 1 inning, 3 strikeouts. Hopefully he'll get back to throwing like he did last year, when he had a 1.40 ERA in 51 innings. He's 23.

22. Yeyfry Del Rosario: Munenori should have named his kid Yeyfry. Yeyfry Kawasaki. It is a winner. Anyway, Del Rosario has made 13 relief appearances for Bluefield.  He has a 1.93 ERA in 23.1 innings, 19 hits, 2 home runs, 10 walks and 28 strikeouts. Yeyfry is 19 and was a international free agent signing in 2011.

23. Ryan Goins:  Ryan has just been called up, part of our evacuation of Buffalo.  I figured he was going to be the call up when the Jays brought Munenori up the first time, since Goins was/is on the 40-man. He hit .257/311/.369, with 6 home runs, 29 walks and 85 strikeouts. His August hadn't been great .194/.265/.258 before the call up, but I guess he'll be happy enough with it now.

24. Ryan Borucki: Ryan was a 15th round pick in 2012, dropping a long way because of an elbow injury. All looked good when he rehabbed the elbow, instead of doing Tommy John, but he's had the surgery now and hasn't pitched at all this year.

25. Javier Avendano: last year, Javier had an ERA of 1.33 splitting time between Vancouver and Lansing. This year isn't going as well. In 24 games, 21 starts, he has 4.00 ERA in 108 innings. 106 hits, 8 home runs, 57 walks and 89 strikeouts.  He is 22.

26. Jeremy Gabryszwski: Jeremy is having a good year in Vancouver.  He has a 2.66 ERA in 13 starts, 71 innings, 63 hits, 0 home runs, 9 walks and 38 strikeouts. More strikeouts would be nice, but he's having success. He's just 19, a second round pick in 2011. He's a big guy, 6'4", maybe the strikeouts will come.

27. Dwight Smith, Jr: Dwight moved up to Lansing after playing in Bluefield and Vancouver last year. He is doing ok, hitting .276/.359/.381 with 7 home runs, 48 walks and 77 strikeouts with 23 steals, caught 4 times. August is going well, he's hitting .302/.375/.430 so far this month. He is 20 and was a first round pick in 2011.

28. Anthony Alford: Anthony played in all of 6 games at Bluefield, hitting .227/.414/.409, 6 walks, 6 strikeouts, 2 steals, before going on the 'Temporary Inactive List'. He transferred from Southern miss to Ole Miss after his troubles during his freshman year.  He is listed as a defensive back at Ole Miss after playing quarterback last year.

29. Jairo Labourt: Jairo is pitching in Bluefield and doing very well, 1.72 ERA in 11 games, 7 starts. In 47 innings he's allowed 32 hits, 3 home runs, 13 walks, 434 strikeouts.  He's just 19, and Bluefield is several steps from Toronto but all looks good at the moment.

30. Chad Jenkins: Chad is just off the DL, he's had 3 appearances in New Hampshire since coming off, a total of 10 innings, 8 hits, 2 unearned runs, 1 walk and 8 strikeouts. He's had an eventful year.  He made 3 starts for the Blue Jays in May, 3 pretty ok starts, going exactly 5 innings in each and allowing just 2 runs in each. Then got sent to Buffalo, made a few starts there before coming out of his June 28th start after 2 innings with 'shoulder tightness'. If all goes well, I'f think we'll see him in Toronto again before the end of the season.