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Blue Jays 4 Astros 12: that was pathetic

Ok, we need a live chicken, and a present for Kawasaki and Loup for their babies. We are dealing with a lot of stuff here.
Ok, we need a live chicken, and a present for Kawasaki and Loup for their babies. We are dealing with a lot of stuff here.
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Blue Jays 4 Astros 12

Every now and then, I think 'well, that's rock bottom, we can't get worse' and then we do.

That was just terrible. The Houston Astros got 15 hits off us. 12 runs. 5 walks. 2 home runs. 3 triples. 3 doubles, 2 of them by Brett Wallace.

Todd Redmond went a big 3.1 innings, allowing 8 hits, 8 runs (1 unearned, because of Redmond's own error), 3 walks, 6 strikeouts. The guy only gets strikeouts or hard hit balls. There is no in between with Redmond.

Brad Lincoln was no better, 1.1, 3 hits, 2 earned, 2 walks, 1 k. It is possible that he has been overworked of late. Darren Oliver gave up a 2 earned in his inning, off a massive home run by some player whose name I've never heard before.

The only bright spots, among the Jays pitchers, were Sergio Santos, who pitched 1,1 scoreless, allowing just 1 hit, while getting 2 strikeouts and Casey Janssen, who got in a scoreless inning of work. Santos seems to be coming around. 2.63 ERA on the season now, I hold he can stay healthy next year.

On offense, we got 11 hits. 2 each for Jose Reyes, Anthony Gose and Ryan Goins. Goins had his first MLB hit and his first extra base hit, a 9th inning double. I'm pulling for the guy, basically because I have nothing left to pretend to be excited about. Yay Goins. All the other starters had 1 hit, except for Moises Sierra, who was 0 for 3, with a walk.

We had 3 home runs, Edwin Encarnacion hit his 32nd. J.P. Arencibia his 20th (4 more homers than walks) and Brett Lawrie had his 10th. Brett is one of the very very few bright spots of this season. His average is up to .262 now, after being just .209 at the end of July.

No Jays of the Day, JP led us with a .092 WPA.

Suckage goes to Redmond -.463.

Tomorrow, Chien-Ming Wang gets the start for the Jays. I'd say he couldn't do much worse, but if I do, he'll find a way to prove me wrong.

Also tomorrow, we are taking the train from Montreal to Ottawa, to spend the weekend there. I had a great time in Montreal, if you overlook the lost camera (and I'm trying to, but it's tough). My first time in Quebec. I found the people very friendly, after hearing stories of how they disliked us English speakers. And it has been good to get away from Blue Jays baseball, some. But, unfortunately, all vacations have to end.