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7 Blue Jays to play in the Arizona Fall League


There are seven Blue Jays' prospect that will be playing in the Arizona Fall League, for the Salt River Rafters team.

The seven are:

  • Sean Nolin. This one surprises me, Nolin's pitched a fair bit this year. 92.2 innings with New Hampshire, 17 starts, 3.01 ERA, 2 walks and 103 strikeouts. 2 starts in Buffalo, 12 innings, 1.50 ERA, 7 walks, 8 strikeouts. And, of course, the one stare in Toronto, which we won't talk about.
  • Aaron Sanchez. Aaron missed some time with injuries, so I'm happy to see that he'll get a bit more work. In Dunedin, he pitched in 21 games, 19 starts. 79.1 innings, 39 walks, 71 strikeouts.
  • Marcus Stroman. Marcus missed time with the suspension at the start of the season. He's made 18 starts for the Fisher Cats, 3.22 ERA, 100.2 innings, 13 home runs, 24 walks and 117 strikeouts. I was hoping we'd see him this September, I'm not sure if this means we won't see him.
  • Tyler Ybarra. Tyler has been a lefty reliever for Dunedin, this year. 37 games, 1.86 ERA, 53.1 innings, just 27 hits, 32 walks and 63 strikeouts. That's a lot of walks.
  • A.J. Jimenez. A.J. missed time with injuries too and, since I'd like to see him get a shot with the Jays next year, I'm not unhappy that he'll be getting more playing time. He's hitting just .231/259/.269 in 7 game for Buffalo, since moving up from New Hampshire.
  • Andy Burns: Andy started the year in Dunedin, and hit .327/.383/.524 in 64 games. He hasn't done as well, since moving up to New Hampshire, .240/.297/.419 in 59 games.
  • Kenny Wilson. Kenny has spent most of 2013 in New Hampshire. He's hit .266/.341/.380, with 3 home runs and 16 stolen bases.

The AFL starts on October 8th, so there is lots of time for changes to be made.