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Blue Jays 7 Yankees 2: Jays win series against Yankees

JP tags out Alex Rodriguez at the plate, great relay throw from Ryan Goins.
JP tags out Alex Rodriguez at the plate, great relay throw from Ryan Goins.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Yankees 2 Blue Jays 7

That was nice, it's very rare that we take an early lead and we hold on to it.

The first inning was a lot of fun, a 2-run double for Brett Lawrie and a 2-run strikeout for J.P. Arencibia, You have to love productive outs. If you missed it, with Brett Lawrie on second and Rajai Davis on first, JP watched strike three, almost right down the middle, but Yankee catcher had the ball go off the side of his glove. JP ran to first, Stewart ran to the get the ball, then threw it wild to first and Brett and Rajai scored. The most fun play we've had all season. I'm pretty sure I've never seen a 2-run strikeout before, but then JP strikes out so much, sooner or later, it was bound to happen. Normally these really weird plays go against us.

When was the last time we were up 4-0 at the end of the first inning? Don't answer, it will make me sad.

Edwin Encarnacion hit a 2-run homer in the 2nd and we got our last run in the 3rd, singles from JP and Anthony Gose and sac fly from Jose Reyes.

We had 10 hits in all. 2 each from Ryan Goins (who has a .455 average now), Lawrie, JP and Moises Sierra. The only ones not to hit were Reyes and Davis.

Todd Redmond was pretty good, he had some help from some nice defense. He went 5.2, 3 hits, 2 earned, 4 walks and 7 strikeouts. He got some nice defense from Gose, Goins and Encarnacion. Our defense looks so much better with Ryan Goins at second base, having someone with range and a good arm there makes such a difference.

Our bullpen was great too. Aaron Loup went 1.1 scoreless, with 2 strikeouts. Sergio Santos and Darren Oliver each had a scoreless inning, each with 2 strikeouts.

This was the first start, against us, this season that Hiroki Kuroda didn't look like Cy Young. Before today he had a 2-0 record, with a 1.70 ERA in 3 starts against us.

Jays of the Day are Lawrie (.298 WPA) and Redmond (.124).  No one gets the Suckage award.

We had a good game thread tonight, 25 of us put up 577 comments. Kraemer_17 led the way, a gritty performance.

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