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A Friday Links Post? Unpossible. Aug 30, 2013 Links

The Weekend Links Post guy returns from a one week absence. Surprisingly it had nothing to do with the awful weekend in Houston where one could have lost faith in the Jays forever, but the lousy play didn't help.

Tom Szczerbowski


Kansas City Royals at Toronto Blue Jays: MLB series preview | Toronto Star
The Star's preview: Mark Buehrle faces Ervin Santana in Friday’s opener at Rogers Centre.

Three Keys to Brett Lawrie’s Turnaround
Mop Up Duty looks at Brett Lawrie's improvement and tries to do some analysis.

Davidi: Jays’ Goins making gains at second base -
Ryan Goins is seizing an opportunity with the Blue Jays at second base, a position that's been a total black hole for the club this year, and it's a refreshing sight.

Blue Jays, Buffalo Bisons extend deal | Toronto Star
The Star's Take: Triple-A affiliation will run through 2016.

The Blue Jay Hunter: Video: Munenori Kawasaki Loves Life (and Humans)
Video Clips!

The Blue Jay Hunter: Who is to Blame for the Blue Jays Demise?
Ian's postmortem of the 2013 Crapshow.

Editor's choice: What Comes Next(?) - The Starting Rotation - The Tao of Stieb
Editor's warning: don't read this if you are depressed.


The cost of baseball's broadcast rights in 1961 - Baseball Nation
A lot has changed on the television side of baseball since 1961.

Two Runners, One Base
This GIF of two Marlins sliding into third base could only be better if we could see the third base coach's face. Do you think he's wincing? I bet he's wincing.

Logan Morrison Gives Up On Pop-Up Because A Fan Called For It
You can't actually hear anyone from the crowd yell a version of "I got it!" but if you watch Morrison, that's the only explanation why he didn't make a play on this ball.

Pitching Ahead: A Baseball Fundamental | FanGraphs Baseball
Not a Jays starting pitcher strength.

Base-Beards: The 2013 MLB Beard Awards - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Welcome to the first Major League Baseball Beard Awards, where we honor the most unique and terrifying beards worn by professional baseball players


Baseball History - August 30th - National Pastime - Baseball History
2000 With the exception of hitting his first batter and giving up an opposite field leadoff single in the ninth, Pedro Martinez is nearly perfect in Boston's win over the Devil Rays, 8-0. The brawl-filled contest features five fights with eight Devil Rays (five players, the manager and two coaches) being ejected and Carl Everett needing a single to hit for the cycle but homers for the second time.