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John Gibbons on MLB Network Radio Recap

John Gibbons was on MLB Network Radio this afternoon with the Ripken brothers, and here are a few of the highlights.


Gibby was asked if he had ever seen anything like what's happened to Ricky Romero before. Gibby responded by saying:

"That's different, you don't see that often, Ricky was at the top of his game"

Gibby went on to mention that Romero has had trouble finding the strike zone, which was on full display by Romero in his last start on August 27.  Romero went 6.1 innings in this game but also issued 6 walks, in the first inning he issued back to back walks prompting the Lehigh Valley IronPigs broadcast to say

"I don't know if the team has had back to back walks all year."

Combine that with the 62 walks issued in 108.2 innings, and I'd say Gibby was being kind when he said Romero has had trouble finding the strike zone.

On a positive note Gibby did go on to say,

"We see signs of the old Ricky Romero down there in AAA, we think he still has a shot to get it all together."

Gibby also had a few non Romero notes during the interview, when asked about Lawrie:

"We rushed him back",  "The sky is the limit, he can do everything, you see it every day, he's starting to relax a bit."

On rushing him back Gibby was referring to Lawrie's return from his injury at the World Baseball Classic which Gibby didn't sound too enthused about as he had this to say about the WBC:

"We were kind of reluctant because we had so many new guys"

And the final note from the interview here's Gibby's thoughts on the expanded September rosters:

"It's unfair to the teams on top when you can keep running out reliever after reliever."

Gibby went on to explain how he wasn't a fan of the expanded rosters because he didn't think it was fair for teams to be able to use so many different relievers in one game, allowing them to use matchup after matchup with the expanded rosters and potentially impact the playoff race that way.