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For Every Vision There is an Equal and Opposite Revision: Blue Jays @ Angels - August 4, 2013

GameThread - Blue Jays @ Angels - August 4, 2013

Jonathan Moore

Still here in Anaheim, where the choice is another baseball game or a round of golf, may yet be a split decision.

The first three games of the series here haven't been much fun. Yesterday's followed the usual pattern, fall behind early and no do enough catch up. Throw in an JP error and you have your average 2013 Blue Jay game.

Today we have Mark Buehrle starting for the Jays and C.J. Wilson for the Angels. A pair of lefties.

The Jays' line is Reyes SS, Davis LF, Bautista RF, Encarnacion 1B, Lind DH (batting 5th against the lefty), DeRosa 2B, Rasmus CF, Lawrie 3B, Arencibia (aggressive error maker).

Angels don't have their lineup listed at the moment.

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