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Blue Jays 3 Angels 7: Fans of Losing Teams Anonymous meets here

Jonathan Moore

Blue Jays 3 Angels 4

Hi, I'm Tom, I've been a fan of a losing team for as long as I can remember. Yeah, there were some good years in the late 80s and early 90s, but, other than those few years, I've been a fan of losing Teams, man and boy, all my life. Like almost every year, I told myself that this season would be different. And, once again I was wrong.

I'm not doing a real recap today, alcohol is calling louder than normal tonight, so this is from my phone, at a bar half way between the ball park and the hotel.

Man, it was a sad game. Once again, we fall far behind in the first and it went downhill from there. Esmil Rogers gave up 3 runs off of 5 singles in the first. Then another 4 in the fifth. In total he allowed 10 hits, all singles accept for a solo homer by Kole Calhoun, 7 runs, only 5 earned, 1 walk and 5 strikeouts.

The 2 unearned runs were a gift to the Angels from former twitterer JP Arencibia who caught Colby Rasmus' throw to the plate well up the third base line, learn to aim Colby, and decided to throw well wide of second and drop into the outfield. JP if you want people to talk about the positive, stop the stupid stuff. Each of your last two starts you have thrown a ball into the outfield to cost us runs.

On the positive side, Brad Lincoln pitched 3 hitless innings. Brett Lawrie hit a home run. We only hit into 3 double plays. And no one went on the DL.

Time to drink.