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Jose Reyes pranks Brett Lawrie: "Got heeeeeeeemmmmm"

Screen capture of Jose Reyes's Instagram account.

Jose Reyes pulled a prank on Brett Lawrie in the visitor's clubhouse in Seattle before the Blue Jays' game there this evening, and posted the short video of it on Instagram (note Lawrie uses language that would not be appropriate for this blog). I think what happened was that Reyes asked Lawrie, who was sitting in a hydrotherapy tub, to sign a ball and handed him a pen. When Lawrie opened the pen, it sparked and it startled him. Then Reyes gloated by saying "Got heeeeeeeemmmmm".

OK, not the best prank in the world, but where does it stand amongst other Blue Jays pranks like giving away Derek Bell's truck, and trading for Mike Sirotka?

Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: Looks like the video has been removed. Perhaps with a gentle nudge by John Gibbons.