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Blue Jays 6 A's 14: Josh Reddick hits 3 home runs against the Jays

Colby Rasmus slides (or something) into home.
Colby Rasmus slides (or something) into home.
Tom Szczerbowski

A's 14 Blue Jays 6

That was tough to watch. SB Nation really doesn't pay enough to watch this crap.

JP would like us to talk about the positive, so.....If you only count innings divisible by 2, the Jays win 6-2.

Esmil Rogers was terrible. 3 innings, 7 earned, 2 walks, 0 strikeouts, 3 home runs allowed, including Reddick's 1st home run. That was his first start of the season without a strikeout.

Neil Wagner wasn't much better, allowing 2 runs and Josh Reddick's 2nd home runs, in his 2 innings of work. Juan Perez allowed 5 more runs, and Reddick's 3rd home run in his 1.2 innings of work, before leaving with some sort on injury.

On offense? Well, we scored 3 runs in the bottom of the second, to half the A's lead and give us a little bit of hope for a moment. Brett Lawrie doubled to extend his hitting streak to 11 games. Colby Rasmus scored from first on it, he is a terrific base runner. That was about it until the 8th when Jose Bautista, solo, and Colby Rasmus, 2-run, homered in the 8th.

Jose Bautista hit 2 doubles and a home run in the game he dedicated to to 9-year-old Derek Lendosky, who was killed in an accident in Wisconsin on Sunday.

No on the field Jays of the Day, I'm going to credit the Sleeman Brewing company for JoD.

Suckage goes to Rogers (-.414 WPA).

It is funny how many levels of rock bottom this season has. It doesn't feel like it should get worse than this, but I'm sure it will.