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The 2014 Blue Jays schedule


The MLB has released the 2014 schedule.

Our Blue Jays start the season on March 31 at Tampa Bay, the start of a 4 game series there. Hopefully our luck there will be better than in the past. That makes the games in Montreal a lot tougher, the Jays will be flying from Dunedin and then have to fly back to Tampa Bay right after the 2 games in Montreal. I'm sure some of the regulars will skip that trip. The games in Montreal are March 28-29, a Friday Saturday.

Our first home game is April 4, against the Yankees. It is an 8 game home stand, the second three games is against the Astros. Then it's on the road for 9 games, heading to Baltimore, Minneapolis and Cleveland. Our first chance to boo John Farrell comes April 25.

Other highlights:

  • Our first inter league games start May 2 in Pittsburgh for 3 games, then we play 2 in Philadelphia and then host the Phillies for 2.
  • Canada Day (July 1) sees the Brewers in town for the first of 2 games. After the second game the Jays fly to Oakland for 4 games against the A's, giving them the chance to see July 4th fireworks.
  • They don't play on the August 4th Civic holiday, but we start a home stand, against the Orioles and the Tigers, the next day. I would think they would like to play on the holiday, but then they are flying back from Houston that day.
  • The Jays also have Labour Day off and Victoria Day.
  • We finish the season with a 7 game home stand, 4 games against the Mariners and our final 3 against the Orioles.
  • The AL Wild Card game is on October 2. The ALCS on the 4th.
  • Our NL opponents are the Cubs, Brewers, Cardinals, Reds, Pirates and Phillies.
  • The Jays game at Seattle aren't' on a weekend, cutting the number of Canadians that can make the trip. If you are marking your calendar,
  • The Bisons home opener is April 3 vs. Rochester.
  • The Jays have all 4 Mondays off in April.
  • Don't plan a trip to Toronto in early July, Jays don't play there from July 3 to the 17th, with a road trip and the All-Star break.

Take a look and tell us what you think of next year's schedule.