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Blue Jays 6 Angels 12: Anthony Gose hits a grand slam in losing cause

Gose gets congratulated for his grand slam, a moment of happiness.
Gose gets congratulated for his grand slam, a moment of happiness.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Angels 12 Blue Jays 6

Only reporting the positive will  be quick tonight:

  • Anthony Gose hit a grand slam home run and also had a nice bunt single, as much as I'm not a fan of 2 out bunt singles. Who thought he could hit a grand slam. His other MLB home runs was a 3 run shot.
  • Ricky Romero pitched a very good inning and then a not so good inning. In the latter one, he gave up 2 singles and a walk, which added up to a run, in part because Rajai Davis missed picking up a gently bouncing ball. Someone has to tell Rajai to keep his head in the game. I'd have pulled him out after that play, even though we didn't have another outfielder, because of Kevin Pillar DHing. I think it would make the point to Davis even better if they put Kawasaki in his spot. Ricky's first inning was quick, a ground ball hit back to him, a strikeout and a ground out to short. In another nice moment, he got Mike Trout to fly out after a long at bat in his second inning.
  • Brett Lawrie, Moise Sierra and Gose each went 2 for 4. Rajai hit a solo homer.

That was about it for positives.

Mark Buehrle was hit hard and often. 4 innings, 12 hits, 8 earned, 1 walk, 2 k and 3 homers. He's been so good lately that we can allow him the one poor start, I guess. But, 8 extra base hits is a little excessive. He gave up 4 runs in the first inning, then Gose tied things with his grand slam in the 2nd. Mark gave up the lead right by giving up a double and a single to start the next inning. Then back-to-back homers followed by back-to-back doubles in the 5th put us down by 4.

Chad Jenkins came in and gave up 3 more runs in his two innings of work. Luis Perez pitched a scoreless 9th, whoops I guess that could have been in the positives.

Also on the bad side: we committed two errors. Anthony Gose, trying to throw out a runner at the plate, threw way over J.P. Arencibia's head. Why can't we have an outfield that can hit a target? And we already talked about Rajai's blunder. Gibby better have him on the bench tomorrow.

Though not an official error, Brett Lawrie fielded a ground ball, but looked twice to make sure Kole Calhoun at second wasn't moving up, and didn't throw to first in time to get Grant Green at first base.

Also on the negative side, Reyes was (0 for 5), Goins (0 for 4) and Pillar (0 for 4 with an RBI).

And more negatives:

You have got to be kidding me Gibby.

Jays of the Day Gose (.242). Suckage Buehrle (-.565).

In the GameThread, 30 of us put up 437 comments. I led the way, because of some need to share the pain of watching that game.

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