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Get your Blue Jays in Montreal tickets!

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Montreal's Olympic Stadium
Montreal's Olympic Stadium

Thanks to Ruhee (@ruhee_ on Twitter) I found a way to spend some of the money I had saved up for 2013 Blue Jays postseason ticket: I bought tickets to the Mets-Jays exhibition games in Montreal. I think that's pretty much the next event Blue Jays fans have to look forward to at this point (except possibly for the toque giveaway on September 29).

If you haven't heard by now, the Toronto Blue Jays will be playing two exhibition games against the New York Mets in Montreal's Olympic Stadium on Friday, March 28, at 7:05 pm and Saturday, March 29 at 1:05 pm. The tickets officially go on sale tomorrow, but this link will take you to a presale opportunity.

A seating diagram on the website shows that the tickets come in five tiers of seating:


The above was via, but it doesn't show where each of the sections are so take a look at this one from that the Blue Jays will have their dugout on the first-base side:



The regular pricing scheme is as follows:

Catégorie 1 $   89.15
Catégorie 2 $   64.15
Catégorie 3 $   49.15
Catégorie 4 $   32.00
Catégorie 5 $   22.00

There are two-game and four-ticket bundles that can help you save 10% off of selected sections.

Of course, aside from the games, there would be a lot to do in the great city of Montreal and this would be an amazing opportunity to meet hardcore Blue Jays and baseball fans too. Jonah Keri will be there, in section 117 for the Saturday game, and he will be there to watch baseball, party, launch his book on the history of the Expos, and possibly hold a "supersecret baseball event" that he claims will "blow your damn mind."  So break that piggy bank and get yourself to Montreal in March, yall.


Other assorted items of note:

  • Bluebird Banter's favourite MLB Fan Caver April Whitzman is in the top 3! Now go give her congratulations at @Alleycat17 and read her latest piece about the Blue Jays.
  • I have no idea how to tune into this but in case you have MLB Network:

  • Blue Jays catcher heir-apparent A.J. Jimenez is on the Twitter as @Ajjim31.
  • If you are in Toronto and are interested in catching Robbie Alomar's "Tournament 12" for Canadian amateur players, click here for the schedule.
  • I heard from someone in the organization that tomorrow's start time was changed from 1:07 pm to 4:07 pm because the Orioles, who are in the middle of a Wild Card race, requested a more "prime" time for the game to capture a larger TV audience. I applaud this request and hope that in the future (won't be in 2014) the Blue Jays will do more Saturday late-afternoon games.