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J.P. Arencibia is the Blue Jays Nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award


J.P. Arencibia gets the Blue Jays nomination for the Roberto Clemente Award, for his charity community work.

J.P. gets the nod because:

Arencibia has maintained a visible presence at almost all of the JaysCare Foundation's events this season while also taking time to visit local schools to speak out against bullying and to discuss positive nutritional habits.

He's been along for each t=of the Blue Jay cross Canada trips and he just about always goes to schools and charity events when the Jays ask for volunteers among the players.

There was even an example earlier this year when Arencibia went out of his way to offer his support to a Blue Jays fan who had been diagnosed with autism and had Tweeted about his experiences being bullied. Arencibia promptly responded to the Tweet by offering free tickets to the home opener in the hope that it would send a message as the bullies "can watch from home."

JP is a good guy. That he is having a bad year on the field takes nothing away from that. You do have to separate the person from the stats for this.

No Blue Jay has won the award. Last year's winner was Clayton Kershaw, the year before that David Ortiz. Gary Carter and Dave Winfield are former winners.

Congratulations J.P.