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A Quick Look At Andy Pettitte's Starts Against The Blue Jays

Mike Stobe

Andy Pettitte has started three games against the Blue Jays so far this season. In those three starts, the Yankees have won every time with Pettitte going at least six innings giving up no more than six hits. In the two most recent starts in August he mainly threw four-seam fastballs, sinkers, and cut fastballs pitching to contact very effectively. In every appearance he runs his cutter off the plate and gets some ugly swings with that successful strategy as you can tell:



It's no secret that Pettitte throws pitches in the high 80's constantly and relies on deception from the left side of the mound to record his outs. He doesn't toss in a whole lot of off-speed pitches as the graph shows below:



Although his strikeouts are down this year, he still has the ability to make hitters look silly. This next GIF is not kind on the Blue Jays:



There's not many weaknesses to Pettitte's game and the Blue Jays will have to hope for some bad command if they want to get some hits off the left hander in their attempt to spoil the Yankees' postseason hopes.

Since I haven't had a "Find the Link" for a while, this one will be worth 2 points. It's a toughie:

Find the link between Andy Pettitte and the city that brings the letter "K" to the KWC acronym of the Tri-Cities Area southwest of Toronto.