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More on last night's win

A more complete recap of last night's game.

We didn't see near enough of this, this season.
We didn't see near enough of this, this season.
Tom Szczerbowski

I'll admit I really enjoy beating the Yankees. Especially when we can keep them from getting to the playoffs.

The first cople of innings, I thought it was going to be one of those nights.  R,A, Dickey loaded the bases in the first inning, and left two on in the second inning, you figured sooner or later some of those base runners would score. But then he was robbed on a couple of third strike calls, which, had he got the call, the innings would have gone better. I kind of feel for umpires trying to call Dickey's games. You do get a feel for if a ball is going to be a strike or not long before it reaches the plate. With knuckleballs, the ball can make a last moment move and fool you. I think it takes plate umpires a couple of innings to get into the rhythm of it.

From the 3rd to the 7th inning, R.A. faced the minimum number of batters, allowing just a Mark Reynolds single, to lead off the 4th inning, and he was quickly erased by a Ichiro Suzuki double play, turned very nicely by Ryan Goins. I thought that R.A. could have pitched the 8th, but then why push it. In total Dickey went 7 innings, 4 hits, 2 walks and 8 strikeouts. If he pitched like that more often, the season would have felt that much better.

Sergio Santos was terrific in the 8th, helped by an amazing play by Brett Lawrie. If you didn't see the play, it is here. Ryan Goins made his first MLB error, but it didn't cause Sergio much trouble.

Casey Janssen struck out the side in the 9th, around a 1-out Lyle Overbay single. Save number 31 for Casey, it is nice to see him throwing like Casey again.

We got all the offense we needed from two swings, Colby Rasmus hit his 3rd home run in 3 games since coming back from the DL. In the 7th, Rajai Davis hit his 6th home run of the season. Colby's home run was just crushed and Rajai's was hit pretty good too.

We had 9 hits in all, and with 9 hits, with 2 home runs, you'd expect more than 2 runs out of it. We almost had another run in the 8th, Adam Lind singled and tried to score and Anthony Gose double, but was tagged out on the plate on a great relay throw from Brendan Ryan. I think Ryan is a good pick up for the Yankees. He might not hit, but he'll play give the Yankees defense at short that they haven't seen in years.

Moises Sierra went 0 for 4, with 3 strikeouts, dropping his average all the way down to .306. It might be a little early to put him in the cleanup spot, but then we don't have many better choices at the moment. Colby would be a good choice against RHP.

Jays of the Day are Dickey (.468 WPA) and I'm giving one to Rasmus (.084). Honorable mention to Santos and Janssen.

No Suckage Jays, Lawrie came close to the number with a -.094, but that doesn't include the great defensive play.

We had a nice GameThread, 23 of us put up 407 comments. Kraemer_17 led the way to the win over the Evil Empire.

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