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Things I learned yesterday

Yeah Alex, this stuff makes my head hurt too.
Yeah Alex, this stuff makes my head hurt too.
Tom Szczerbowski

They say you learn something everyday. I don't generally believe that, but yesterday i learned stuff.

1. People have a different definition of the word entitled than I do. For me entitled means it is yours if you want it. But if you don't want it, it is up for grabs. Like say, third base. To me, Jose Reyes was entitled to it, by virtue of having legally made it to the bag, but, when he abandoned it and got in the rundown, it was up for grabs and Brett Lawrie took it. Reyes came back and sure, if they were both tagged at that moment, I'd say Lawrie was the one out. But Reyes abandoned it again (by accident, fell or slipped or something but to me that's abandoning it just like the rundown), and Lawrie hadn't, so it is his.

2. I learned that we have been doing rundowns wrong since the dawn of time. If the lead runner (the guy that got into the rundown) is the only one entitled to the bag, as soon as the trailing runner moves up, get the one in the rundown right in the middle of the two bases, make a quick throw to tag the trailing runner, who, even though he's on the base, apparently doesn't have right to it, and then finish the rundown and take the easy double play.

Or.....we could decide the Zaun had the right idea, and figure the umpire hadn't noticed that Reyes had come off the bag before Lawrie was tagged. I prefer that. Often the simple solution is the right one, someone screwed up.