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Who Are Ya: Clay Buchholz Post Injury

Harry How

Quick look at Clay Buchholz as he makes his third start since coming back to Boston after his lengthy DL stint. In his two previous post-injury starts he's gone 11 innings allowing no earned runs and striking out nine batters. His ERA now sits at a ridiculous 1.51. It's unfortunate (not really) that his great season was sidetracked by inflammation in his pitching arm.

Since he's returned from the disabled list, the right hander has mainly thrown fastballs, sinkers, and cutters with a few curveballs and changeups thrown in for good measure. His hard stuff is still sitting in the low 90's with good movement, which may or may not be helped by a foreign substance on his arm. Here's how his movement has looked since coming back:


Here's a cool GIF that shows how his increased sunscreen use has helped his wicked cutter (click on the link if there's problems):



For the "Find the Link":

Find the link between Clay Buchholz and his 34-year-old Texan starting rotation mate for the Red Sox.

Enjoy the game! Or the rest of the good summer weather!