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Blue Jays 2 Red Sox 5: Home runs hurt Dickey again

Adventures in crappy umpiring. How come this always seems to happen in Boston?
Adventures in crappy umpiring. How come this always seems to happen in Boston?
Darren McCollester

Blue Jays 2 Red Sox 5

Not a bad start for R.A. Dickey, without the 2 wind aided home runs, it would have been a very good start. He had an 8 inning complete game, allowing 6 hits, 5 earned, 1 walk and 11 strikeouts. R.A. is second to A.J. Griffin in home runs allowed in the AL, with 33, 2 behind Griffin's 35. Maybe it's God's way of saying he doesn't like people going by initials, maybe it makes the paperwork harder for Him.

Many of the strikeouts came after the awful call at second back when David Ortiz was throw out at second but umpire Manny Gonzalez placed himself right behind Ryan Goins, who was making the tag, so he couldn't see the play and just guessed that Ortiz was safe. Just awful umpiring. Manny had plenty of time to get into proper position, he just didn't. It was pretty telling that Goins' glove was still between Ortiz's foot and the bag until after the call.

Dickey was pissed off, and 10 of his 11 strikeouts came after that play.

On offense, like has happened way too much this year, we didn't do enough. Just 6 hits, 2 for Kevin Pillar, 1 each for Rajai Davis, Moises Sierra, Ryan Goins and Josh Thole. All singles except for Pillar's 2nd career home run and 2nd home run that he slid into second before finding out that it was a home run. You'll have to hit us a no-doubter before the season ends.

Rajai also had his 45th steal of the year, a steal of third in the 8th inning, with us down by 3. One of those steal I hate, because it had nothing to do with trying to win the game, but I guess, Rajai will be looking for a contract soon, putting up stats won't hurt that.

We did have some good defense. Goins made a terrific play on that tag on Ortiz and also made a great play on a hard hit ground ball, gotta love his defense. The 233/.250/.314 slash line isn't as impressive. The Jays have some decisions to make this off-season. Pillar also made a nice catch in right field and Moise Sierra made a catch in left on a ball that both Brett Lawrie and Jose Reyes figured would go foul, but that ended up 20 feet into fair territory.

Jay of the Days is Pillar for his .172 WPA.

Suckage, Dickey has the number (-.201) but he pitched pretty well. Reyes (-.154, 0 for 4 with a k) and Lind (-.129, 0 for 4 with a k).

Tomorrow the Jays make up for a rained out game, and losing an off-day, by traveling to Chicago. Since the game means nothing to either team, they could just skip it.