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Who would you like to play second base for the Blue Jays next year?

Ryan Goins
Ryan Goins
Andy King

We've spent a lot of time talking about our catcher and our troubles at the position. Let's talk about second base and our problems there for a bit.

We need someone to play second next year, or there will be a lot of grounders bouncing through to the outfield. Our in-house choices:

  • Maicer Izturis. Maicer will be on the team, because of the three year contract he signed and because he can play (or at least stand at) all of the infield spots. I guess I'm ok with him as a back up, but if he's our regular second baseman, I'll be very unhappy. This year he's been awful defensively and offensively. By Fangraphs, he has the worst WAR in baseball at -2.1 (though Adeiny Hechavarria has a shot at beating him out, he's at -2.0 and still playing). He hit .236/.288/.310 and played defense, well you saw it, terribly.
  • Munenori Kawasaki. He's been a lot of fun, but he hasn't hit that much, .222.319/.303. His defense looked pretty good and UZR agrees, saying he has a 5.4/150, as much as it seems like he make errors at the worst possible moments, he also seems to get hits at the best possible moments. I'd like him more as a utility infielder than an everyday player. But if it is him or Izturis, I'd take him anytime at second base anytime.
  • Ryan Goins: Ryan's not hitting much either, .233/.250/.311, in 26 games, which might be about his ability level with the bat. With the glove, he's been amazing. UZR has him at 41.6/150 (ok, small sample size causes problems for UZR). He has been so good defensively that I kind of feel I'd live with his bat. But then, we couldn't live with John McDonald's bat at SS, and I think Goins would be lucky to hit as well as McDonald.

Free agent possibilities:

  • Alexander Guerrero. The Cuban that the Dodgers were rumored to be offering $32 million for 5 years. He hit .290/.402/.576 with 21 home runs in 328 plate appearances last year in Cuba
  • Robinson Cano. Yeah right, not a chance.
  • Chase Utley. Phillies are trying to extend his contract and talking $13 million a year. I don't see us signing him. But he's hitting pretty decent, .281/.345/.481, with 18 home runs.
  • Brian Roberts. He'll fit in nicely on out DL.
  • Omar Infante. Hitting .317/.344/.449 this year, I doubt that will happen twice in a row but plays decent defense.
  • Kelly Johnson. Ummmmm no.
  • Skip Schumaker. Good bat, poor glove. No thanks.
  • Stephen Drew. He's only played SS before. .263/.329/.434 career batting line.
  • Jhonny Peralta. He hasn't played second before either. He had a really good year with the bat, .305/.361/.461.
  • Brendan Ryan. I had happy thoughts of his defense, though kind of wasted at 2B, but he doesn't hit at all, .238/.300/.321 career.

Trade possibles (guessing who Alex might trade for is a foolish thing but there are a couple of guys:

  • Gordon Beckham. Another that hasn't hit a lot, .269/.323/.369 this year, but played decent defense, 0.7 UZR/150, but I tend to think of him as a little bit better than that. I'd have to think the White Sox might not be against moving him.
  • Dustin Ackley. He hasn't hit much for the Mariners, in his 3 season, but his .246/.315/.355 batting line would look pretty decent on our team. Also he'd be in a better park for batters.
    So, do you have someone you would like to see in the middle of the Blue Jays infield next year?