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What to do about the outfield?

This isn't going to look as cool with just two outfielders.
This isn't going to look as cool with just two outfielders.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Moises Sierra stepped in a hole (why did I type whole the first time, maybe because the whole team is on the is on the DL) and sprained his ankle.  He's day-to-day, but with five games left, I doubt that he'll be playing again this year.

That leaves us with 3 outfielders. Anthony Gose, Kevin Pillar and Rajai Davis. It is pretty silly to just have 3 outfielders in September, when we are allowed to have 40 guys on the active roster, but then, Jose Bautista, Melky Cabrera and Colby Rasmus are on the DL. And we have 23 pitchers on the 40-man. That doesn't leave a lot of rooms for batters.

The next problem is that Rajai Davis will be leaving on paternity leave soon, likely tomorrow, which would leave us with two outfielders, Fortunately Anthony Gose can cover most of the outfield by himself, but still having just two outfielders is not the optimum. The Jays will likely point at a random player and say 'buy an outfielder's glove'. Mark DeRosa, most likely.

The Jays don't have any more available outfielders on the  40-man roster, actually they only have 1 batter on the 40-man that isn't on the active roster or the DL and that's A.J. Jimenez, who, being a Blue Jay, is hurt.

The 40-man roster is full, but there are a half dozen guys on the 15-day DL, any of whom could be moved to the 60-day.  We have a handful of minor league outfielders that could be put on to the 40-man and removed after the season, or put on and left on for that matter.  Let's take a look:

  • Ricardo Nanita. He's 32, he's been in the Jays system since 2010, he's never been to the majors , it would be a nice treat for him to get a couple of days up here. He played in the WBC for the winning Dominican Republic (was only 1 for 13 batting). This year, splitting time between New Hampshire and Buffalo, he hit .258/.312/.376, with 6 home runs. If it were up to me, I'd give him a call.
  • Brad Glenn. He was New Hampshire's Webster award winner. He hit .261/.333/.465 with 22 home runs, mostly for the Fisher Cats, with 18 games for the Bisons at the end of the season. He's 26.
  • Mike McCoy. He knows the way to Rogers Centre, though he knows how to get there from Vegas. He hit .245/.357/.327 with 4 home runs and 29 steals.
  • Ryan Langerhans. Ryan has played 593 games in the majors. His career MLB numbers .226/.332/.372 with 33 home runs. He hit .221/.344/.404 with 9 home runs in 64 games in Buffalo.
  • Adam Loewen. Adam played most of the season, all but one game, with the Fisher Cats, hitting .267/.358/.439 with 15 home runs and 10 steals. You know his story. He did have 32 at bats, with us, in September 2011, hitting .188/.297/.313 with 1 home run.

If you ran the Jays, what would you do?