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Mark Buehrle leaves game with injury

Leon Halip

Just to show we can't make it through a game without an injury. Steve Pierce lined a ball off Mark Buehrle's knee and Mark had to leave the game. It didn't look like it was serious, but, being his last start of the season, there's no reason to leave him out there.

So this week....Adam Lind hurt his back, Moises Sierra hurt his ankle, Colby Rasmus got hit in the eye by a warm up throw and now Buehrle.

Now each of the 5 who started the season in the rotation have been hurt. Dickey's neck and back, Morrow has the nerve problem, Happ got hit in the head and Johnson has crappy arm disease.

And Rajai Davis has left the team to be with his wife for the birth of their baby and won't be back this year.