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Would You Rather? Spoil or Tank Edition

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

With one series remaining in this nightmare of a Blue Jays season the team has a slight chance to ruin division rival Tampa Bay's season. If the results work out correctly, Toronto could at the very least force the Rays to lose their home field advantage for the Wild Card playoff game, which is a pretty big deal. The Blue Jays have had a few opportunities this month to spoil the playoff chances of rivals and have never really done much of anything so this is the last chance for the AAAA squad to show some fight.

On the flip side of the coin, the Blue Jays are tied with a bunch of teams at the back end of the top 10 in the reverse standings for next year's draft pick:


If the Blue Jays have a strong showing against Tampa Bay this weekend, the team could easily fall out of the first ten picks into non-protected territory. The importance of having a protected pick is yet to be seen, but having a selection in the 6-8 area is definitely something that could help the organization going forward.

The question is quite simple for the poll today, would you like to see the Blue Jays win the series against the Rays this weekend and throw a wrench in Tampa Bay's playoff hopes or would you like to the Blue Jays lose a few games to preserve their fairly high place in the reverse standings?

It's definitely a tough question to face as a sports fan because watching the team lose games is horrific, especially if you've stuck with them this far into the season refusing to look towards next year. There's been many comments on this website where people have stated that they would never hope for the team to ever lose a game regardless of the possible implications, which is admirable.

There's also the more "big picture" way of thinking, focusing on the organization's future as a whole and how these next few games could help or hinder the effort at building up the minor league system for many years to come. This could be considered as cheering against your favourite team, but sometimes short-term pain reaps more long-term success.

Anyway, on this somber last friday of the season let's hear what you have to say.

Also, here's a "Find the Link" for today that's worth 3 points and is going to be tough to find:

Find the link between Jeremy Hellickson and the President of UEFA.