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Jays 7, Rays 2 Wild Cards Wild

Jays 7, Rays 2 It seems the Jays and Rays are doing the baseball version of Star Trek's Turnabout Intruder or Freaky Friday for those who don't grock Spock. A stumbling injury prone mostly AAA lineup team with questionable starting pitching who fall apart against guys wearing Rays jerseys beat that very same Ray jersey wearing wild card contending "They Play The Game The Right Way" team that has found so many ways to beat them (even not trying.)

Tom Szczerbowski

The game started out with the Rays scoring first in the first.  A Ben Zobrist 2B led off the game.  Followed one out later by a Wil Myers single.  At this point J.A. Happ looked as hapless as he had been much of the season but he then struck out Jays killer Evan Longoria and got Delmon Young to ground out.

The score remained 1-0 till the bottom of the 3rd when Jose Reyes and Brett Lawrie singled to start off the inning.  Up stepped Adam Lind who singled Reyes home.  Out came Joe Maddon who pulled out an ineffective Chris Archer for Alex Torres.  Torres stopped the bleeding in the 3rd.

In the bottom of the 4th, Ryan Langerhans singled to lead off the inning.  After Josh Thole struck out, Kevin Pillar singled.  Jose Reyes flied out, then Maddon went with Jamey Wright to face Brett Lawrie, who then walked to load the bases for Adam Lind.  At this point I know that some of you would assume the worst.  Possibly based on past history with the Jays and Rays.  Possibly because you hate Adam Lind bordering on Ahab/Khan like obsession.  Sometimes things happen.  It pleases me when I type the following sentence: Adam Lind singled to drive in two with two out.  There you go.

The Jays put the Rays away for good in the bottom of the 5th.  First Ryan Goins hit his second career home run off of Jamey Wright after Anthony Gose singled to lead off the inning.  Ryan Langerhans singled again and Kevin Pillar hit a big fly off of Brandon Gomes to harpoon the Rays hopes for the game.

Oh sure, the Rays scored a run in the 9th off Dustin McGowan, but it was pretty much who cares at that point.

J.A. Happ pitched 7.1 innings with 5 hits, 1 BB and 4Ks while throwing an economical (for him) 113 pitches.

Jays of the Day (based on Fangraphs WPA)

Happ (0.193), Lawrie (0.167), Lind (0.233) and one for Ryan Langerhans (0.085).

No suckage Jays today.

Maybe this series ends the voodoo curse the Rays have had on the Jays for the past five seasons.  Sure it might be wishful thinking bordering on insanity, but that's all I have at this point in the 2013 season.