40 man roster decisions coming.


As we now enter, again, an early off-season, this is the first look at the 40-man roster, and the decision the Jays will be facing. As of September 29th, the Jays have 47 men on their 40man roster, thanks to 7 guys on the 60-day DL which will have to be reactivated before the 5th day following the WS. The jays do also have some free-agents and players with options to address. I will attempt to categorise players in level of decisions, to see where assets will be exposed this off-season. After struggling we the set-up, I have left guys with a more than 50% chance of being kept in the upper list, with an (*)

Hitters under contract/control and potentially staying (15)

· Arencibia

· Jimenez

· Thole*

· Encarnacion

· Goins

· Izturis*

· Kawasaki*

· Lawrie

· Reyes

· Bautista

· Cabrera

· Gose

· Pillar

· Rasmus

· Sierra

Pitchers under contract/control and potentially staying (20)

· Buehrle

· Cecil

· Delabar

· Dickey

· Drabek

· Happ

· Hutchison

· Janssen

· Jeffress

· Jenkins

· Lincoln *

· Loup

· McGowan

· Morrow

· Nolin

· Perez Luis *

· Redmond *

· Rogers

· Santos

· Wagner *

Options decisions (2)

· DeRosa

· Lind

Free agents (5)

· Johnson (decision needs to be made on Q.O.)

· Oliver

· Ortiz

· Davis

· Langerhans

Likely DFA or unconditional release (5)

· Perez, Juan

· Romero

· Storey

· Weber

· Nickeas

This would leave 5 spots open for Option used, Free Agents, and acquisitions. However it is expected that the 2 options will be exercised, leaving 3 spots flexibility. I was expecting it to be more dramatic, but with AA's usual habits a roster crunch is likely, and some space will need to be made.

Obviously, these are mainly educated guess, based on comments that have been made. A year ago, i would not have asterisked Dyson, and he ended up being DFA,

Rest of System

Reviewing the farm, Deck McGuire appears to be the only player who might need a spot to protect from Rule-5 draft- the other being a long shot on Danny Barnes, but his injury filled year probably makes this unlikely. Note that Joel Carreno could also elect FA if not added to 40man roster

CORRECTION Additional Info: New information has come out that Kawasaki is not under team control but actually has a $1million option for 2014. He still has options, if signed.

ADDITION: Based on recent reports, Kenny Wilson might warrant a spot to protect from rule-5 draft, so will add to discussion when time comes

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