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Who Are Ya: Wade Miley

The Dodgers are that high up in the standings?
The Dodgers are that high up in the standings?
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Wade Miley faces Todd Redmond tonight in the second game of a three set for the Blue Jays against Aaron Hill and his friends. Miley had a breakout year last year finishing second in Rookie of the Year voting behind Bryce Harper. The 26-year-old left hander from California has dropped off slightly from his 2012 form, but still has a 3.55 ERA and 4.08 FIP. The difference between the two seasons has come from an increase of more than one walk per nine innings (from 1.71 to 2.92 BB/9) as well as a more realistic 1.01 HR/9 instead of his great 0.65 HR/9 last year.

Miley throws a fastball or sinker 70% of the time and they sit in the low 90's with changeups and sliders making up the rest of his repertoire. Against right handers, Miley is heavily fastball/sinker and changeup, while left handers get a heavy dose of sliders alongside his hard stuff. His slider gets a good amount of whiffs and is a solid put away pitch. You can see how his changeup heavily mimics his sinker:


Not much more to Miley. He should be at the front of the Diamondbacks rotation for years to come beside Trevor Cahill, Archie Bradley, and Trevor Cahill. That's an imposing possible rotation that matches up well with many of the other teams involved in the arms race taking place in the minors right now.

TankFest 2013

Too much winning for these Blue Jays if they want a protected pick:


For the "Find the Link":

Find the link between Wade Miley and the Chicago Cubs pitcher born in Germany and raised later on in Georgia.