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Blue Jays 10 Diamondbacks 4: Jays hit 4 home runs

The Jays hit four home runs, but then the Diamondbacks had 3 of their own.

Christian Petersen

Blue Jays 10 Diamondbacks 4

Winning is a lot more fun than losing, isn't it.

The Jays got home runs from Rajai Davis, Edwin Encarnacion, Adam Lind and Moises Sierra . Edwin has homered in his last 5 games at Chase Field. It really looks like the park for him.

We had 15 hits in all. 3 each for Jose Reyes, Sierra and Encarnacion (with 2 walks). The only Jay starter not to have a hit was J.P. Arencibia (0 for 4, but he did take a walk). Todd Redmond didn't get a hit either, but he did take a 4-pitch walk and did a nice job going first to third. Rajai had an interesting day, getting struck out 4 times, but hitting a home run in his other at bat.

We also stole a couple of bases, Brett Lawrie and Reyes each stole second.

I thought the most impressive part of tonight's game was the Jays' defense. We turned 3 doubles plays. Rajai made a great catch in CF. Brett had a highlight reel catch again. Even  Mark DeRosa made a great play and throw from second base. Reyes made a nice play and then threw to first base from his knees. Course, Reyes also made 2 errors, but we'll forgive him, since we won.

Todd Redmond looked good for 4 innings, then gave up a couple of runs in the 5th inning. In all, he allowed just 4 hits, 3 earned, 0 walks, 2 strikeouts, 2 home runs.

Neil Wagner pitched a good inning of relief, but then Gibby sent him out for a second inning and he gave up a Miguel Montero home run and a single before coming out of the game. I'm not sure why, with 13 guys in the bullpen, Gibbons would feel the need to use anyone for 2 innings. Darren Oliver came in and got a double play and a fly out. Oliver's performance was pretty important, we were only up 6-4 when he came into the game.

Dustin McGowan and Aaron Loup pitched a scoreless inning each to close out the game. I didn't understand using Loup in the 9th, with a 6 run lead, I would have liked to see one of the call ups, but they don't let me manage.

Jays of the Day are Edwin (.161), Reyes (.120) and Oliver (.154).

Wagner had the suckage number at -.103, but only because Gibby put him out there for a second inning.

The Jays have now won 3 series in a row. Nice work. Yeah, we could have used this earlier in the season, but beggars can't be choosers. Enjoy the wins, we haven't had many of them this year.

Nice GameThread tonight, especially for a late night game for you easterners. 35 of us put up 763 comments. Kraemer_17 lapped us with 129 comments. Great work.

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