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Who Are Ya: Randall Delgado (Not Carlos)

"I wish I was still in Toronto"
"I wish I was still in Toronto"

Randall Delgado and Mark Buehrle battle in a desert matinee today decide the series. Delgado was a top prospect alongside Julio Teheran when he was with the Braves, but was traded away with Martin Prado in the Justin Upton trade with the Diamondbacks. In his first season, Delgado has made 14 starts in 15 games with the big league club along a few stints in the minor leagues. His season has been okay so far, currently sitting with an ERA of 3.67 and a FIP of 4.44. His control has shown to better in Arizona as his 1.89 BB/9 is the lowest is his career, answering the question marks that used to surround him about if he walked too many batters.

Delgado features a sinker, changeup, and curveball with his hard stuff sitting 92-93 mph. Against left handed hitters Delgado is almost exclusively sinker, changeup, which is made possible by his 42% whiffs/swing rate that opposite handed batters have against the change. Aside from a few curveballs, this is what Delgado's movement looks like against the lefties:


Delgado's changeup is filthy as you can tell from the graph above and looking at it in GIF form is even more impressive:





As you can tell from the GIFs, the changeup starts in the middle of the plate and runs right out of the strike zone against lefties (this is from catcher's point of view):



TankFest 2013

A solid run of form has the Blue Jays in 12th place, which would give them the 13th pick:


For the "Find the Link" today:

Find the link between Randall Delgado and the Angel who would have been paid $147,826.09 per hit if the season ended today.

Both pitchers are extremely quick between pitches on the mound, so this should be a good contest to watch this afternoon.