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Who Are Ya: Kevin Correia

"I just want to relax, pitching is too hard"
"I just want to relax, pitching is too hard"
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Right handed starter Kevin Correia gets the nod for the Twins today as the Blue Jays counter with J.A. Happ. Correia, a 33-year-old pitcher from San Diego signed for Minnesota this season after spending two seasons in Pittsburgh as a back end of the rotation guy. His free agent contract with the Twins covers this season and next, totalling $10 million ($4.5 million this year and $5.5 in 2014). The change of scenery hasn't changed the way Correia pitches (which is why this exists) as he has a 4.18 ERA and a 4.45 FIP, which are similar to the numbers he's had for his whole career. Correia doesn't walk anyone (2.12 BB/9) or strike anyone out (5.02 K/9) relying on ground balls to get him out of trouble.

Correia features a four-seamer, sinker, changeup, curveball, and a cutter. His hard stuff sits in the mid-90's and his cutter, which he throws over a third of the time, stays around the high 80's range. He doesn't get a lot of whiffs, but his aforementioned cutter is likely his best pitch.


As you can see, he locates his sweeping curve on the outside half:



For the "Find the Link":

Find the link between Kevin Correia and the most disappointing Blue Jays starter this year who has the same initials as Janet Jackson.

TankFest 2013

Things aren't so good on the tanking front as the team would get the 13th pick currently, but at least the team is winning:


This might be the most boring game of the whole season today, but hopefully something wild happens that proves me wrong.