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Sunday Open Thread: Random Thoughts on a Boring January

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Jeremy Jeffress
Jeremy Jeffress
J. Meric

I wish the Jays would help us out, make some news, give us a halfway interesting rumor. Something. But no, they are continuing the most boring off-season ever. It is getting so bad that I'm looking forward to the start of spring training so I can read all the stories about players reporting in the best shape ever.

  • The closest thing to news we have is Jeff Passan telling us that the Jays have given up on the idea of making Jeremy Jeffress a starter. I'm not really sure if they actually were seriously considering it. We have a dozen guys that could fill the 4-5 spots of the rotation, without messing with Jeffress.
  • I wonder if they will try Dustin McGowan as a starter. The trouble is that, since Dustin is out of options, they can't send him to Buffalo to get a few starts. We have so many right-handed relievers that could fit into that setup role that having McGowan start might be a good use for him. If we aren't signing a free agent.
  • I figured one or two of the relievers would have been traded by now. I don't know how they are going to find innings for all of Janssen, Santos, Delabar, Jeffress, McGowan, Wagner and Rogers (unless he starts). Cecil, Loup, J.A. Happ (if he doesn't start) and Luis Perez are all around from the left side.
  • The Jays' Winter Tour rolls into Peterborough today. Looking at pictures of Anthony Gose, at their Kingston stop, does anyone else think Colby Rasmus pulled out of the tour because he is afraid of Gose? Gose did get him in the head with a throw, maybe Colby thinks Anthony would come up with another 'accident' to make a opening on the team?
  • ARod gets suspended for the season. I don't exactly feel sorry for the guy, he's such a jackass, but it does seem that MLB has it out for him. And the union doesn't really have his back.

Anyway, use the thread as an open thread to discuss anything you'd like, Jays related, or whatever else you might want to talk about. I'm off to see Inside Llewyn Davis this afternoon. Saw American Hustle last week and really enjoyed it.