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No News Is Bad News: The Feelings of BBB

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The feeling of most Blue Jays fans at the moment.
The feeling of most Blue Jays fans at the moment.
Jonathan Ferrey

With the lack of news currently, I decided I would put up a little post about....the lack of news! With the Masahiro Tanaka drama coming down to it's final act it seems that the offseason is about to enter the stretch run after weeks of inactivity. Once the Japanese pitcher signs, the other dominoes will begin to fall quickly as teams realize they are looking more bare than they would like.

As someone who is always the first person to defend Alex Anthopoulos, this offseason has been a little disconcerting. I didn't expect a repeat of last winter, but Dioner Navarro being the team's big prize of the winter does not convey the feeling that this team has become a division contender. The front office is likely in the process of deciding to what extent they want to go "all-in" this year, with high prices for almost all suitable remaining free agent pitchers staring them in the face. It's doubtful that the team will land Tanaka and will have to take a serious look at both Ubaldo Jimenez and Ervin Santana with the comfort of knowing they won't be giving up a first round pick of them.

Aside from the rotation, there's still some depth issues that need to be cleared up and they could end up biting the team in the rear end if they don't ensure they have suitable replacements when the usual Brett Lawrie 15-day DL stint happens. Additionally there's a chance this team loses some casual fans with the huge moves that Toronto FC has been making lately. It's not something that's easy to quantify, but all the fans who jammed the stadium at the beginning of last year may tire of an average team and decide to spend their money at BMO Field instead.

Since there's a large amount of people on the site with very different opinions of the present and future of this team, the question I pose to you is: What are your feelings on the team right now and how worried are you about the upcoming season?