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Happy Birthday Brett Lawrie

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Brett Lawrie turns 24 today.

We've been talking about him for so long that it seems like he should be older than 24.

At 24, it  is going to be time for us to stop talking about potential, time for him to show what he can do. There have been moments. He hit .346/.397/.495 in August of last season, we thought he figured it out, then he hit .243/.304/.311 in September. He is a mass of tics and bounces at the plate. I'm sure it isn't easy to keep your timing straight like that.

I'm thinking that, new batting coach, Kevin Seitzer might be good for him. Looking to hit up the middle is likely the way he should be thinking.

His defense has been so much fun to watch. After having Scott Rolen, I didn't think we'd ever see a third baseman that was anywhere close to as good defensively, but I think Lawrie is better.

This last year he seems to have grown up some, or at least has learned to hide his immaturity from the public. I do get the feeling that Brett is the guy I'd want to sit furthest from in the clubhouse or on the bench, if I was a teammate.

I'd like to think that this is the season that Brett puts it all together. His list of 'Similar batters through age 23' has some good names: Aramis Ramirez, Dale Murphy, Adam Jones, Robin Ventura. I won't mention that Corey Patterson is on that list. It would be great if he could turn into the player Dale Murphy was, and Murphy figured things out at age 23 and 24.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Brett, hope it is a good one, take a day off from the gym and go out and have fun.