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Who Is Going To Surprise Us This Year?

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Well it seems like it's time to look towards the 2014 season with the players currently on the roster! With that being said, every season there is always a handful of players who exceed expectations and are a pleasant surprise for the fans. Last year Steve Delabar, Casey Janssen, and even Colby Rasmus played better than a lot of people thought they would, making the 2013 campaign a little easier to bear. This season is another opportunity for some Blue Jays to boost their jersey sales by going above and beyond their preseason projections. It's pretty hard to guess who the surprise players will be, but we might as well give it a shot.

The first "sexy" pick for surprise player may be Marcus Stroman, depending on when he makes it to the big league roster. The small right-handed pitcher has electric stuff and could easily provide a spark to the team when he is called up to Toronto, although there's probably an equally good chance that he struggles in his first tour of the major leagues.

Former White Sox closer Sergio Santos has been a rare sight on the mound at the Rogers Centre, but he is still capable of putting in good performances assuming he can stay healthy. If his body holds up this might be the year Santos finally stakes his claim for a permanent spot at the business end of the Blue Jays bullpen. It's also the last season before Santos reaches his option years in his contract, so the right hander will be keen to show he's worth the sizeable pay raise that would come next year if his option was picked up.

If Dustin McGowan finally came close to reaching the lofty expectations that he was faced with nearly a decade ago then I think Blue Jays fans would consider it a pleasant surprise. Arm injuries have derailed the right-hander's career, but he still has some years in him if he can stay on the field. He was pretty good in the 25 games he appeared in last season, so hopefully he can make the team out of Spring Training and put in some good performances to make him feel like all his rehab was worth it.

Two young players might surprise us this year in Anthony Gose and Ryan Goins, but they both have pretty big question marks above their heads. If Gose can cut down on the strikeouts he may find himself starting in the outfield by the summer and Goins could grab a firm grip on the second base job if he finds a way to hit enough to carry his great defence.

That's a quick summary of the players that might surprise us this year, so who are your picks for unexpected performances this season?