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Blue Jays Blogroll: Read these blogs

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One of the things that was lost when Bluebird Banter and SB Nation switched to this spiffy site design over a year ago was the blogroll section right on our front page, where we recognized the other folks who blog about the Blue Jays. As a Blue Jays fan, I am very thankful that we have a bounty of great Jays blogs out there that continue to produce content no matter how bad a season gets to be or quiet it gets in the offseason. Here they are in no particular order (actually I wrote them in order of how much I liked them then randomized the list here):

500 Level Fan - A fan's blog from the nosebleeds.

Breaking Blue - A new member of the Jays blog family, sabermetrically-inclined.

Gamereax - Personal blog of Chris Toman (and his brother Dan), go there for the fun GIFs, stay for the excellent analysis pieces.

Tao of Stieb - It has been quiet lately, but when the Tao blogs, he generally does it right.

Blue Jays from Away - A blog that was started in Germany by an expatriate Jays fan, it is now focused on the Blue Jays' minor leagues.

Blue Jays Aggregator - I visit this feeder site daily to see what all the other blogs on this list are writing about.

Mop-Up Duty - One of the blogs that have been around forever and still going strong

Blue Jays Plus - Gideon Turk may still be in high school but is clearly a smart cookie; his blog delivers quality content on a regular basis. It has been fun seeing the site improve since its debut.

Blue Jay Hunter - New papa Ian Hunter continues to post regularly on his excellent blog (another one that has been around forever).

Batter's Box - Possibly the oldest Blue Jays blog still in existence (founded in 2001), Batter's Box has a great community of readers and commenters.

Drunk Jays Fans - Started by Andrew Stoeten in late 2006, DJF is now part of theScore's rapidly-growing family. Stoeten continues to give excellent analyses and opinions while using language that would not be accepted here on Bluebird Banter.

The Mockingbird - Jon Hale doesn't post very often but when he does it is generally some impressive analysis and well thought-out opinions.

Jays Prospects - A website started by MLB Fan Cave dweller April Whitzman, with a tonne of prospect interviews. Unfortunately it was attacked some time ago and it's being blocked by my firewall.

Hum and Chuck - Another great well-written fan blog.

North of the Border - Gregor Chisholm, writer at, often includes some great little gems and full interview transcripts here.

If I did not include your blog on this list it does not (necessarily) mean I hate you. Do feel free to add a link in the comments and I will definitely give your work a look-see.

EDIT: See, I knew I forgot something.

Jays Journal - A Jays blog with daily content over on the Fansided network, right now they're working up their top prospects list. Much apologies to the JJ folks! Thanks, REMO, for the reminder.