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Blue Jays sign Ricardo Nanita

Mike Ehrmann

How much would I like some real news?


Ricardo is 32, he's played in the Jays minor leagues since 2010, before that he played in Mexico. He was part of the Dominican Republic's WBC team last year. He's played in 1046 minor league games, but hasn't had a moment in the majors. Last year he hit .258/.312/.376 with 6 home runs, splitting time between New Hampshire and Buffalo. He's pretty good defensively.

I'm excited, how about you?

Really, all teams make this kind of moves, at this time of year. Filling out minor league rosters is something that all teams have to do. And keeping someone in the system isn't a bad idea.

We did sign a international free agent last week, Hansel Rodriguez is a 16 year old RHP, out of the Dominican.