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Blue Jays were in on Masahiro Tanaka but....

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Junko Kimura

So John Lott tells us this

And this:

Ummmm guys, if you weren't willing to go over 5 years, you really weren't in on Tanaka.

Honestly, everyone knew Tanaka was going to get more than 5 years. Having a rule that excludes you from signing players is just stupid. I mean, it's fine to have a guideline saying you don't want to go more than 5 years, but any rule has to have exceptions. If you had some thoughts of being in on Tanaka, you really had to be thinking more than 5 years.

And I don't understand why the 'opt out' clause would be an issue now. That's something to worry about a few years from now. I can't see why that would be a reason to 'drop out of talks'. Aren't we in win now mode? You don't want to go more than 5 years, but you don't want to player to be able to opt out after 4? Oh well....

I think what the Yankees are paying is too much, but for the club to say the reason we didn't get him was the contract was 2 years too long is just dumb. What they are telling us is that they are not cheap, they are just slaves to their own stupid rule. Maybe, just an idea, we could deal with each player on a case by case basis, like, you know, intelligent people would. I mean, try to stay to 5 years, but be flexible if there is someone that you think is worth signing to a longer contract. . are some Vegas odds related to Masahiro Tanaka:

Will Masahiro Tanaka win the win the 2014 AL Cy Young?

Yes 10/1

Total ERA in the 2014 Regular Season - Masahiro Tanaka

Over/Under 3.20

Total Wins in the 2014 Regular Season - Masahiro Tanaka

Over/Under 14½

Yankees Odds to win World Series Pre-Tanaka


Yankees Odds to win World Series Post-Tanaka


I'll take the over on the ERA. I very much doubt he'll stay under 3.20 in that stadium. Anything there you would put $5 down on?