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I Link Therefore I Am Saturday Jan 25, 2014 Links

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The weekend links guy took much of the winter off (mostly because there wasn't much for him to link to.) As Tanaka-mania has swept into NYC, a tidal wave (relatively speaking) of unlinked links have popped up.

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Kershaw’s record deal shouldn’t worry Blue Jays fans: Griffin | Toronto Star
Griff Analysis...Clayton Kershaw signed a $215-million deal with the Dodgers, while David Price has also signed a record deal in Tampa Bay.


The Blue Jay Hunter: Anthopoulos: Five-Year Policy is More of a "Guideline"
Alex Anthopoulos is now saying the Blue Jays five-year policy is merely a "guideline".

The Blue Jay Hunter: Enough with the Five-Year Policy
After missing out on Masahiro Tanaka, it's about time the Toronto Blue Jays got rid of their five year policy.

Blue Jays’ Triple-A skipper Gary Allenson offers scouting reports on three prospects | National Post
Minor-league managers rarely make headlines. In 19 years as a minor-league skipper, Gary Allenson followed that script – except for the night he climbed the outfield wall in Durham, N.C.

Toronto Blue Jays fans fidgety after club exits Masahiro Tanaka talks over contract length | National Post
The National Post’s source said the Jays never reached the stage where they discussed money with Tanaka’s agent

Despite quiet off-season, Anthopoulos still looking to upgrade Blue Jays - The Globe and Mail
Toronto general manager says starting rotation continues to be a point of emphasis after a miserable 2013 that saw Toronto finish last in the American League East


Dallas Stars Trolling Maple Leafs Fans; Maple Leafs Fans Troll Selves
The Dallas Stars really brought out the big names on the American Airlines Center scoreboard during tonight's game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Both Bieber and Rob Ford made appearances, though at least one Toronto fan showed her very special love for the crack-smoking mayor.


Players wanted Yankees’ A-Rod kicked out of MLB union: reports | National Post
The players spoke Jan. 13 after Rodriguez sued the union and Major League Baseball to overturn his suspension


The Orioles Play in the Shallow End of Free Agency | FanGraphs Baseball
For those howling about the Jays offseason... I would rather be the Jays at this point.

Where Closers Come From | FanGraphs Baseball
Not from a stork.

The Marlins might not be terrible this season
Miami may be halfway respectable, thanks to pitching and young outfielders

Why teams and players like opt outs
Player agent Casey Close likes opt out clauses. Why do the teams agree to them?

An Inning with Greg Maddux’s Command | FanGraphs Baseball
This is why Maddux is my pitching hero.

The improbable career of Dazzy Vance
Fastballs, poker, and laundry. All the ingredients for a Hall of Fame career.


One Is a Genius, the Other’s Insane! | NotGraphs Baseball
Talking Mouse baseball statistical analysis and commentary.