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Keith Law ranks the Blue Jays farm system 24th overall

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Marcus Stroman
Marcus Stroman
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So one day after Baseball Prospectus prospect guy Jason Parks says this:

Justin (Asheville): What are some of the teams with the strongest group of players outside of the top 101?

Jason Parks on the Top 101 Prospects: Astros, Twins, Rangers, and Jays, just to name a few.

Keith Law, over at ESPN (subscription required), ranks the Blue Jays farm system 24th in the MLB, telling us this:

It's tough to trade away three top 100 prospects, as the Jays did last winter, and maintain a strong system, but the Jays compounded that problem by failing to sign their first overall pick (Phil Bickford) for the second time in three years.

The Jays can afford to trade prospects if they're hitting on high draft picks, but they haven't done so often enough other than the selections they ended up dealing.

I'm with him on the idea that we have to start signing our first round picks. I guess that we have been signing the compensation pick, that we've been given for not signing the previous first rounder, makes it a little less of a sin. Still, we gotta start signing the guys we draft.

But, I do think out farm system is better than Law says. We do have a lot of power arms, especially in the lower minors (Sanchez, Stroman, Norris, Tirado, Osuna) and some decent batting prospects (Nay, Davis, Barreto)

Quoting John Sickels:

2014 will be very, very interesting for this organization, as this wave of live arms and tools faces sterner tests in full-season ball. Which players develop the skills to make the tools work? A year from now, you could be looking at a system filled with Grade B or better prospects, or you could be looking at a bunch of disappointments. It will probably be somewhere in between of course.

I'd like to hope some guys step up this season, but then there is the possibility that we ship off a bunch more prospects for starting pitching sometime between now and mid-season and end up even lower on the lists.